A team of experts to help you with your 3D printing projects!

3D printing: a revolutionary sector!

3D printing is a booming sector and Alexis & Aymeric, founders of Smooth Color, have decided to take part in this technological revolution by making high quality equipment and 3D materials available to all.

Smooth Color – A powerful partnership!

Smooth Color
3 core corporate values


Smooth Color only offers the highest quality 3D printing products – equipment, materials and post-processing tools.


We develop most of our equipment in-house to offer you ever more innovative solutions, for an ever more impressive result!

Affordability & Support

We have been members of various associations (robotics and electronic development associations) for more than 10 years. Our vocation is to democratize additive manufacturing techniques to enable individuals, SMBs and industries to access these booming technologies under the best conditions

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Use high-quality products for your 3D projects!

The Smooth Color brand gives you access to superior quality equipment (3D printers, retention tank, noise protection cover, etc.), post-processing solutions (automated sandblasting machine, circular vibrator) and materials (filaments, resins, colours). The shop you’ve always dreamed of to equip your fab lab!