Smooth Color – You need some advice on how to finish your 3D objects?

Explore all our finishing possibilities!

We specialize in the development of professional post-processing solutions for 3D printing. Our expertise on finishing options and techniques is unique.

Thanks to our products, it is now possible to create objects that are close to perfection. Use great equipment and materials  in order to:

  • Clean: our automated blasting machine takes care of the cleaning and shining of your raw components and allows you to matt and shine each and every creation of yours.

  • Polish: our high-performance and robust circular vibrators (from 50 L up to 450 L, optional noise protection cover) polish your raw components in order to ensure an optimal surface quality

  • Colour: evaluate the level of completion of your 3D prints with our professional quality roughness meters, spectrophotometers, callipers, marking gauges and sensors.

  • Control: évaluez le niveau de finition de vos impressions 3D grâce à nos rugosimètres, spectrocolorimètres, pieds à coulisse, trusquins et palpeurs de qualité professionnelle

3D Printing & Finishing - Choose professional equipment

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